About EN

Funkallisto is a Rome-based band formed in February 2004. The six original members got together in the heart of the city, Trastevere, giving life to a unique project delivering a high-energy repertoire of Funk, Afrobeat , Latin and dancefloor Jazz.

Over the last seven years the group has achieved legendary status in Rome selling 20,000 copies of their 3 albums to date. The latest, ‘Soul Ragù’ boasts nine original tracks including a four man horn section and guest vocalists Adriano Bono and Daoda Mbow.

The band recently supported the James Taylor Quartet and appeared as the backing band for The Californian singer Lil’ Giselle fresh from a live show on Mark Lamarr’s BBC radio show in London. Over the years the band have performed in a wide range of clubs and festivals from Cairo, Shanghai, Berlin and Barcelona to Southampton’s Soul Cellar, Birmingham’s Yardbird and the Bern busker festival. In Italy the band has toured extensively, done numerous national live radio and television shows. In 2009 an alternate take of the track, ‘Charangas’ was selected for the compilation ‘Funk in Italy’ promoting the major exponents of the Italian Funk scene and in 2007 one of their tracks was remixed by DJ Margoo and released on Brioche records.

One of the keys to the band’s success is their unique, dynamic and inspiring sound coupled with the capacity to appear in a variety of situations, adding vocalists and dancers to the recipe and creating a mass following in Rome at their regular events called, ‘La grande abbuffunk’. The band also regularly performs on the scenic streets of Rome in a reduced format which has resulted in a substantial sale of cd’s and effectively launched the band in its early stages.

Festivals & events: Artrastevere (RM), Roman Holiday Shanghai (CINA), Umbria jazz (PG), Time jazz Berchidda (SS),

Musica Sulle Bocche (SS), Festival Esperanto (RM), Groove City Festival (RN ), Festa Della Birra – Arsoli (RM),

Funky Afternnon Breack Dance Contest (RM), Cantine Aperte (PG), LiberaCollarte – Colle Val D’elsa (SI),

Body & Soul Festival (RC), P-assaggi di vino (RN), Festival di teatro di Radicondoli (SI), Emergency (RM),

Giornata mondiale per l’Aids (RM), Giornata mondiale per l’acqua (RM), Ne Pas Couvrir (AR), Festa dei Popoli (CS), Veneto jazz 2011 (Marostica)


Buskersfestival: Artisti In Piazza – Pennabilli (PU), Novara Street Festival (NO), Veregra Street – Montegranaro (AP),

Di Strada in Strada – Bra (CN), Artisti Vaganti – S.Benedetto del Tronto (AP), On The Road Festival – Pelago (FI),

Le Vie della Fantasia – Orvieto (TR), La Girandola – Martina Franca (TA), Castellarte – Mercogliano (AV),

Lucania Buskers Festival (MT), Ferrara Buskes Featival (FE), Buskers Bern (CH) Mojoca Festival(SA), Barcelona Busker festival 2011,


Clubs:Caffè Zapata (Berlino), Soul Cellar (Sout hampton), Yardbird (Birmingham), Jazz Club (Edinburgo), El Sawai (Cairo) La Palma Club (RM), Micca Club (RM) Init Club (RM), C.S. Rialto (RM),Circolo degli Artisti (RM),Contestaccio (RM), Fluido (TO), DorianGray (FE), Leoncavallo (MI), Boca Baranca (RA), Clubbino (CS), 400 (MI), I Fontanili (VA), Connie Duglas, (MI),Angelo Mai(RM), Brancaleone(RM).


Hotels: Cala di Volpe (SS), Porto Cervo (SS), Romazzino (SS).

Television and radio appearances :

live performance at studio A of the RAI (italian national radio) for the program “Diesel” conducted by Aldo Papa

Macondo conducted by Mauro Zanda dove si esibiscono in diretta (Radio Rai 1)

Aladino conducted by Antonio Audino (Radio Rai 3)

Uno mattina week end

live performance on the program “Soul Kitchen” (Radio Popolare)

Groove Master conducted by Gegè Telesforo and Alex Paletta (Radio Capital)

live performance on the program “Live in M12” (Radio Meridiano 12)

live performance on the program “Funk Drops” conducted by Marco Climenti and Maurizio Messina (Radio Città Aperta)

Alternitalia conducted by Gianluca Polverari (Radio Città Aperta)

Bufalo Bill conducted by Jonathan Giustini (Radio CittàFutura)

Radio Lifegate conducted by Claudio Vigolo (Radio life gate)

Soul Power conducted by dj Split (Radio Centro Suono)

Troppo Avanti show with Tommaso Zanello,alias “Piotta”(Radio CittàFutura)

Artist collaborations:

Eufonika; Exotique, La Situazione, Re::Life, Blue Cheese Project , Soulkitchen , Soul Food , 24 Carat, Good Fellas,

Dj Split, Pink Puffers, Dj Stile, Dj Margoo who did a re-mix of one of our tracks for Brioche records

The poet Remo Remotti and singers Randy Roberts, Chelsea Como and Jess Roberts

Funkallisto is currently working on a new CD of all original material due in mid May